The GRE® at Home | Should you opt in or wait for centers to reopen?

What are the pros and cons of taking the online version of the GRE General Test? Will waiting and taking the test when centers reopen help improve your score? Listen to get the low-down on who should opt for the online version.
GRE® at Home
A Covid19 response from ETS, the online version of GRE helps students take the GRE at home. What are the pros and cons of opting to take the online version of the GRE General Test.

Are you better of taking the test at home and if so, should you make use of this opportunity take the exam before the lock down is relaxed? If not, should you wait for the lock down to be relaxed and take the test only after centers become operational again? How long do you have to wait? Will it affect your chances of applying this year?

All these questions answered in this episode. Listen to get the details.

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